On 02-06-2010, One of the former founders of Gleann na Laoi, (and last surviving original member) Bertie Mitchell, met Kevin Mackey and Neil Murphy at the Rest Bar Kerry Pike. He gave us a 3-page account of how our club was formed………


 The first Gleann na Laoi match was a challenge against Inniscarra, and this was played in O’Briens field in Coolymurraghue. Team captain was Danny Sullivan. After a few years we moved our pitch to Wood’s field at the back of the Anglers Rest pub. (Opposite Johnny Cahalane’s gate).

In the early years, weekly meetings were held in Paddy Mackey’s Forge at Mackey’s Cross. This location was chosen not alone for its convenience to both Kerry Pike and Clogheen, but during the cold winter nights, it retained the warmth from the fires of the days work at the forge.

Monthly mid Cork meetings were held at various locations, but mostly at Coachford. Sean Mc Carthy of Healy’s Bridge remembers on many occasion travelling to Coachford on his bike, with Denis Collins on the crossbar! They used to take turns peddling a few miles until the person on the crossbar couldn’t stand the pain in the arse any longer and then they would swap!

Sean also said that in the 1950’s, Denis Healy used to bring the supporters to the matches in his truck. There was no health and safety back then, but the truck had high sides on it so that the supporters couldn’t fall out after drinking on the way home!

1950     Gleann na Laoi Win the Double!

Gleann na Laoi, 1950 Mid Cork Minor Fottball and Hurling Champions!

Included in Picture, Denis Murray, Edmond Murphy, Sean Mc Carthy, Michael Looney, Pat o Connor, Jackie Horgan, Joe Harrington, Dan O Mahony, Paddy Harrington, Franky Couts, Jamsey Murray, John Kelleher, Paddy o Sullivan, Jerry Murphy, Con Murphy, Paddy o Mahony,Danny o Flynn,  Billy Sheehan, Tom Bogue, Paddy Horgan, Johnny Forrest. Odsey Mahony,   Mick Halloran, According to Johnny Couts, he thinks that the young man 2nd from left on the front row is Downey Killard.  


This ‘Photo of Gleann na Laoi minor team that took part in the Toastal Games was taken in 1958 at Blarney square with Blarney Barracks in the background.



Back L-R, Dick Walshe, Mick O’Connor, Dan Healy, Alan McGregor, Mick Walsh, John Kenny, Teddy O’ Connor, Denis Murphy, Michael O’Donoghue, Jerry Desmond, Alec Harrington, Kevin o’Donoghue, Francis Couts, Jack Kavanagh, Joe O’ Sullivan.

Front L-R, John Kavanagh, Joe Bradley, Tim O’Connor, Fr. Mc Sweeney, Michael Kavanagh, John Buckley, Pat Joe Mc Sweeney, John O’Sullivan.


 The Team Below were the CIE All Ireland inter-firm Champions in the 1960's.

See if you can pick out a former Gleann na Laoi  star!




In the 1970’s, Kevin Mackey played his first game for Gleann na Laoi. He was 17 years old, and had just finished playing Harty Cup with North Mon, when his father Mick asked him to play for Gleann na Laoi as they were short in numbers. Mick was the goalkeeper at the time, and the match was against Ballincollig. Gleann na Laoi started with 13 players, this was allowed, but the rule was that you had to have 15 players to start the 2nd half, or else the opposition would get the match. With this in mind, a Car was sent to the Rest Pub, to see if there were any players available. John Coots and Richard Kearney came to the rescue, and both played stormers with a considerable amount of alcohol in their system! Kevin kept up the Mackey tradition with Gleann na Laoi for many years, and he had the great pleasure of playing in the same team as his son Wesley before he himself retired.

In 1975, Gleann na Laoi won the mid-Cork Under 14 championship. Pictured below are, Mick Fitzgibbon presenting the cup to Kieran Mc Carthy who was captain. Picture was taken in Pairc ui Chaoimh.


Mick Fitzgibbon also Presented Gleann na Laoi Minor Player of the year award to Michael o Sullivan in 1976. Picture taken at Pairc ui Chaoimh.


In the mid 1970’s, Gleann na Laoi joined forces with Our Lady’s Hospital, and played in the city division from 1975-1980.

 The late 1970's was a  very difficult period for Gleann na Laoi, and because of the economic situation in Ireland, alot of our young people emigrated. It was very hard to fulfill fixtures, as we simply did not have adequate numbers, but it was not for the want of trying. In 1978, we had a football championship game, but we only had 11 players. The word went out in the parish, and Dan O Sullivan (RIP) came to the rescue. He went into Cork and collected a Car full of Rugby Players, that had played with his son Donie, earlier on in the season. We won that game, mainly from the contribution of Moss Finn, Jimmy Bowen, (Both Irish Internationals) Brian Clifford (International Swimmer) and Mick O Sullivan (RIP)


In 1984, Gleann na Laoi was reformed, with a mixture of golden oldies, and a new generation of young players, who were interested in bringing back Hurling and Football to the locality. Billy Bell, Frankie o Callaghan, Kevin Mackey and Frank Lyons were very involved in reviving the club.

This mothley crew were involved at the first training session of the re-formed Gleann na Laoi in 1984. (Was the dog any good Christy?)


The ‘photo below was taken in the mid 1980’s at our pitch at Our Lady’s Hospital

Back Left, Jamesie Kavanagh, David Lynch, Stephen Kearney, Pat o Sullivan, Stephen Mulcahy, Ger Buckley, Gary Mackey, John Leahy, Mick o Regan, John Mackey.

Front Left; Kieran Lynch, Damien Mc Carthy, Pat o Regan, Kevin Mackey, Kevin Buckley, Johnny Long, and Neil Murphy.




Field and Playing facilities at Kerrypike -  Recent History.


Pairc Baile Ui Chainin.  (Ballycannon Park).

The  Community Centre,  Tennis /Basketball  facilities and  Field are  a recent addition to the Clogheen/Kerrypike area and work is ongoing to create a centre of excellence. The  following is a brief summary of the   development  from the area formerly known as  The Bog.

At the Community AGM on  the 22nd January 1987 Fr. Diarmaid Linehan PP  Clogheen/Kerrypike  declared the Church intention to hand over the Old School to the Clogheen/Kerrypike community Association for one year. This hand over  commenced the work on Leisure and Playing facilities at Kerrypike.  Over the following months the Building was developed into a usable  Hall  and Community Centre.  While this  building was being developed throughout 1987  suggestions were put forward  to try and secure  suitable grounds for a play area.  On the  7/4/1987  the area known as the bog  adjacent to the  community centre was proposed. 

At the meeting of 5/5/1987  the chairman Louis Murphy informed the committee  that  the  Bog  comprising of  7/8 acres  could be purchased  for £12,000-£14,000 from the owner Richard Walsh.  On  2nd June 1987  the committee  were  updated that  the land could be  bought  for £12,000 and  Richard Walsh had  agreed  to give  the Community first option.        A  public meeting  to acquaint all the community was fixed for  29th September 1987.

On the 29th September 1987  the Chairman Louis Murphy put forward the plan to  purchase the land for £12,000.  The meeting was well attended and many contributed.  The  Chairman appealed to the meeting  to approve the  purchase and explained that the present  playing pitches  at  Clogheen were due to be sold by  the  SHB.  At that  time  the  Community  and  the local GAA club  Gleann na Laoi  had the use of  lands owned  by  the SHB  at Clogheen.   

The plan  to purchase the land was  ratified.  Over the  following  months  a draw was held  to fund the  land  purchase.

The conversion of the old school and the  purchase of land for playing facilities  was a welcome addition as the area had a growing young population, the school attendance was approximately  250  and most of them were from within the parish/community.  The development of  a playing field was a late development for this area as  almost all parishes/communities  in Ireland had a playing field.  The area purchased was not a simple project  and as the old  name (Bog)  suggests, it required a lot of  work and expertise. 

The area of land between the laneway and the present  dugouts  was relatively dry, albeit  it was a maze of French drains  and natural springs.  The French drains had been constructed  by inmates from Our Lady’s hospital and the water  from the surrounding hills flowed into this area.  The  remaining portion  of the land  on the south side was mostly a bog and several stories abound about cows and livestock  getting stuck there and having to be pulled out by a local meitheal consisting of  neighbours and friends. 

Throughout 1988 work continued to landfill, level and drain this area. In 1989  tennis / basketball courts were proposed and a lot of voluntary labour was forthcoming to help with the  courts and field work.  The ongoing facilities were  urgently needed as the growing young population  had no recreation area. The  field levelling and drainage  continued throughout 1989  and  drains were input to to cater for  springs.  The work on the field consisted of local  volunteers and some  small contracts.  Top soil and fill was secured from apple and other building sites and used to level the field.  In early 1990  Cork County Council were critical of the way the field was being drained and levelled and this was annoying to the community association.

 In 1990 in  the northern  section of the field  one set  soccer goalposts were erected.  There was no soccer club in the parish  and the field was used  by the local youth club and local youth.  In 1991  a 35 year lease was taken out on the Community Centre  and the Tennis / Basketball Courts were  finalised.   The field development  continued to the south  and the plan was to turn the  soccer area west to east  to make way for a GAA field.  There was  a main drain  going through this area from the  monument to the river and this often caused flooding and was a cause of great concern.

Through 1991, 1992 and 1993  the field development  rumbled along with  scarce fill and top soil being delivered and levelled  with a  JCB and manual volunteers.   The local youth used the green area and  soccer goalposts to play and kick ball.  The field was approximately  half size  and was used by the local camogie  club  and  juvenile GAA.  Many  juvenile  and  camogie matches were played there.  The main drain was a major problem and relief drains had to be dug  to relieve flooding. 

It  was proving difficult to get the Council  to lay planned 18inch pipes to convey this  stream under the field.   The  local volunteers infilled the drain with stone and cavity blocks and this worked well  during the  dry months.  The six wet  months were a different story and the field was  like a sponge.  The new field which  had been levelled and filled in gave a clear view  now  why this area was called a bog.  Water  flowed  freely  from storm drains from  the nearby houses and this combined with natural springs made  this a most difficult project.  The demand for a sewer grew even louder.    Trojan work had been done by local volunteers , including children for a number of years and the area  was a great bonus. It was also agreed  with a local neighbour to purchase a strip of land  leading from the Community Centre to the Field.   As  time moved on the work for volunteers became less  and the main drain and  drainage  required  expertise, skill and equipment.

Throughout 1994 the field was extended further, however the main middle drain was a major obstacle.  This drain in the past  was an open drain which conveyed the water from the monument streams  to the bog and river.  It was now filled in with stone and block and during the dry months was adequate.  During  heavy rain the three streams arriving at the monument turn into a flash flood and the drain could not take this water.  In april 1994  and again in November  the water burst forth and caused a lot of damage to the recently developed field.  The assistance of the Council was  urgently demanded to alleviate the  situation,  however it was number of years later before assistance was given as the council did not react well to solicitor letters. During 1993, 1994 and  1995 the GAA members on the committee were urged  to get more help involved and complete the field and there were many calls for new volunteers.

In  spring 1995 the chairman Louis Murphy resigned suddenly from the Association and this left a void in the development of the area.  The association ticked over that year and each month rotated the chair as  no one was willing to take same.  Throughout 1995 the grass was not cut and turned into  hay and the flood damage was not repaired .  The association wrote to all groups in the Community – ICA,  parents association, GAA, Tennis & Basketball  -   to become involved  and help development.  The committee had put in many years of hard work and lay the foundations for a Community Centre,  Field and Play area.   In  1996  some new members  joined the association and Dermot Sheedy was elected  chairman.

The association were in dire straits , were £500 in the red and the Community Centre and Field  required  thousands to rectify.  The new  committee commenced major fundraising over the next  two years and completely re vamped the Community Centre and built three dressing rooms and showers.  The deal to  purchase  the local strip of land fell through.  The Council were canvassed and negotiations re opened  to  drain the field.  In 1997 the Council provided  sufficient  18inch  pipes  to convey  the water under the field  and the  Association funded the laying of them.  The infilling and  levelling continued,  however it  became Very obvious that the water flow onto the field area was an enormous obstacle.  Every fund raising option -  grants, council, lotto, local collections, lotteries   were  utilised  each year.

In 1999 it was proposed to lease the  field to the local GAA club , Gleann na Laoi  to continue the development  as they would have access to GAA grants and they could specialise in this development , leaving the association  to concentrate  on the Centre,  footpaths, roads and sewerage  etc.. The field was leased for  five years  and the small GAA committee under the  expertise of Ger O Mahony and Con Lucey  commenced  drainage and development.  A full length 4ft drain was input between the field and houses on the west side.  This large drain was often full with water  and indeed at a later date another large drain parallel to it  has to put in place  to take the extra water from springs and French drains. Both drains were fitted with drainage pipes and filled with stone   The  first drain is approximately under the walk  and the second drain is  running parallel to the fence.

It took a further  two years of  infill, drainage and levelling to construct a full size field.  In 2002 the field was opened and   local teams ,  juvenile, junior and school  began using  same.  It was a particular advantage to the school as they never had a field for sciath na scol games and played all their matches away.  It also helped  juveniles  from 5 years upwards to learn and play  games.  The field was fenced in  and  retain netting  put in place. Approximately  £100,000  was spent on this development.

In 2004 even with all the drains the field was quite wet  during bad weather.  The field was  closed and a major surface drainage system was input.  This consisted of a horizontal  drain every  8 ft  and several  feeder drains  fed into them.  The field was closed for    twelve months  and  approximately  another  €120,000 was spent.   The  field was opened again and was in splendid condition .   Gleann na Laoi  took out a twenty one year lease on the field and developments are ongoing.   This community group had now worked tirelessly, manually,  fundraising and securing reasonable plant machinery  for  14 years  and had  provided the Community with a fine Community Centre, field,  sewer and footpaths and now had a healthy bank balance after  major fund raising, donations  and lotto applications.

In 2010  Alice Conroy took over as chairperson and new members  volunteered.   The Community Association and the GAA have recently  added,  dugouts,  a fine walk and footpath,  entrance  gate and wall,  park benches,  trees  and  a  surface water drain.  Plans are being put in place  to continue improvements in this area and before long a new chapter will be added.





1986 Under 12 Squad with Trainers, Frankie o’Callaghan and Frank Lyons.

Back Row; D. Healy, R. O'Donovan, E.O'Leary, D.O'Brien, R.Walshe, D.O'Gorman, W.Bell, J.Carter, T. Finn.

Middle Row; P. Murphy, K.Fitzgerald, A. O'Connor, L. Buckley, P. Cafferkey, B. Ahern, G. Walsh.

Front Row; E.Mc Cann, A. Raymond, R. Goggin, D. Lyons, R. Mc Sweeney, B. Walshe, D. Mc Sweeney, B. Cotter, J. Neville.


In 1988, this certificate was presented to Sean Mc Carthy  (Healy’s Bridge) by Chairman, Frankie o’ Callaghan for 50 years service to Gleann na Laoi.



In 1988 Gleann na Laoi won the mid Cork Junior B Football championship






In 1990 Our Under 21 Hurlers beat Ballinora to win the mid cork championship by 3-3 to 1-7



1993 Hurling Panel pictured at Our Lady’s Hospital with their coach Sean Mc Carthy.


1993 Gleann na Laoi win mid Crrk Football Chanpionship !




Gleann Na Laoi Mid Cork Finalists 2002
Back L to R, Jeff Walsh, Terry o Donovan, Mick o Sullivan, John Cunningham, Andrew Hassett, Alan Curtin, Stephen o Riordan, John Twomey, William Bell, Eoin Walshe, Wesley Mackey, David Walshe, Dan Curtin, Denis Lucey, Tony o Leary RIP, Billy Bell, Dermot Sheedy,
Front L to R, Dessie Murray, Don o Shea, Eoin Kerrigan, Donal Desmond, Derek Healy, David Haly, Seamus o Leary, Eoin o Leary, Richie o Donovan, Don Ryan, Stephen Sheedy.


 2009 Richie o Donovan Scores a point!


 2010 Mid Cork Junior B Champions ! 



2013, The best year in our History!

The year 2013 will go down as the greatest year in the history of Gleann na Laoi Hurling and Football Club. We won the Mid Cork Junior League title, beating Grenagh in the Final in Blarney by 6 points, after going through all the League undefeated. Then, we won the mid Cork Hurling Championship beating Cloghduv in a great final.


Excellent fare as Gleann Na Laoi regain Junior ‘B’ Hurling title.

(Article Courtesy of Aubert Twomey, Irish Examiner)


Gleann Na Laoí.....1-14,


The roller coaster ride continues for the Gleann Na Laoí junior ‘B’ hurlers as their victory in the final of the Junior ‘B’ Hurling League, last Sunday week, was followed on Sunday last by a well merited championship final victory over Cloughduv .The Championship final took place at Ovens and those of us who were in attendance were fortunate to witness one of the best Junior ‘B’ hurling finals of recent years with the Clogheen side in particular surprising all of us with the quality of their play.

Gleann Na Laoí were defeated in the 2012 Junior ‘B’ Hurling Championship final by Blarney following a replay and it was a good sign of the players’ character that they again reached the ultimate stage this season, but entering last Sunday’s encounter slightly as underdogs there was a worry that they would have to endure another final defeat. Their determination to avoid another disappointment was clearly in evidence following the throw in however and it continued throughout the contest.

Cloughduv scored first when their best forward Dave McCarthy raised a white flag in the second minute but there was an immediate response from their opponents. Their free taker Jamie Luby sent the sliothar between the uprights from two placed balls and Ronan McMahon was on target from play so a competitive contest was very much in the offing. Gleann Na Laoi led on a 0-4 to 0-2 scoreline following ten minutes of action but they then suffered a set-back when a good bout of play by their opponents yielded a major. Donal Murphy, Charles Kenneally and David McCarthy combined well for the latter to find the Gleann Na Laoi net but there was no question of capitulation by the Clogheen side and they embarked on a bout of superb point scoring. The winners had eleven points on the board by the interval so they faced the second moiety leading by 0-11 to 1-5.

The slight advantage favoured Cloughduv when the action resumed and their position improved when minors from Dave McCarthy and Denis O’Sullivan reduced the arrears to the minimum but they were unable to get on level terms. Both sides scored two more points before the end of the third quarter as Gleann Na Laoi determinedly retained their one point advantage and the Clogheen side then got the all important score that titled the balance in their favour. Excellent approach work by the inform Jamie Luby created a goal scoring opportunity for full-forward Brian Kearney who duly found the Cloughduv net. Thirteen minutes still remained at that stage but Gleann Na Laoí’s four points advantage was significant as they were playing with confidence. Denis O’Sullivan, from an awkward angle got a point back for Cloughduv in the 50th minute but defences were on top during the subsequent playing time. The only additional scores prior to the final whistle were a Jamie Luby minor for Gleann Na Laoí and a similar score for Cloughduv from Denis O’Sullivan.

The former consequently were well merited victors by a three points’ margin following an excellent hour’s entertainment. Gleann Na Laoí now have three Junior ’B’ hurling titles to their credit, 1988, 2010 and 2013 and one player Michael Cafferkey had the distinction of performing in all three victories.



Gleann Na Laoí, Jamie Luby (0-6 [0-4 frees]), Ronan McMahon (0-2), Brian Kearney (1-0), Colm Horgan (0-2 [0-1 free]), Rory Coote, Ronan Desmond, Billy Dunlea and Derek Healy (0-1 each).

Cloughduv, Dave McCarthy (1-3), Donal Murphy (0-3 [0-2 frees]), Denis O’Sullivan (0-3), Ger Ahern and Michael Deasy (0-1 each).

Gleann Na Laoí, Pio Cafferkey, Ger Fitzgerald, Tadhg Desmond, Denis Lucey, Padraig Bowles, Michael Cafferkey, Graham Desmond, Derek Healy, Ronan Desmond, Rory Coote, Colm Horgan, Ronan McMahon, Billy Dunlea, Brian Kearney, Jamie Luby. Subs.:- Kieran Downey for Denis Lucey, Wesley Mackey for Rory Coote, Rory Coote for Ronan McMahon.

Cloughduv, Robert Nyhan, Daniel O’Sullivan, Billy Creedon, William Crowley, Michael Dunne, Aidan Ahern, Aidan Murphy, Ger Ahern, Donal Murphy, Charles Kenneally, Michael Deasy, James McCarthy, Dave McCarthy, Peter Kelleher, Denis O’Sullivan. Subs.:- Tom O’Mahony for Peer kelleher.

Referee, Jerry Masters (Kilmichael).

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